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Everything You Need To Know About Credit Card Processing For Gun Shops

If you own a gun store and want to take your business online, you have to have a feasible way to accept payments. This is also true for gun stores with mobile operations and for gun shops who simply want to make the best impression on their customers in-store. After all, it is not common for people to conduct all cash purchases in this industry. In fact, in some locations, it is even advised that customers create a digital record of their gun purchases by paying with debit or credit. Bearing all these things in mind, those who sell handguns, hunting rifles or assault weapons of any type, should learn more about credit card processing for gun shops and online gun stores.

The first and most important thing to know about merchant services for gun shops is that they can be significantly more costly than if merely paying for credit card solutions for a traditional store. Dressmakers, bakers, auto sellers, and any other company that does not entail a considerable amount of risk will definitely have access to a far more reasonable range of service charges and fees. Thus, if this is your first time owning this type of business, do not be surprised when you receive seemingly high quotes. Our Rates Cannot Be Beat. We at Lucid Leverage Financial have worked hard to establish trusted relationships with the banks to allow us to get unbeatable rates on industries typically considered high risk like the gun sales industry.

You should also note, however, that this does not mean that you should accept the very first contractual rate that you get offered. This industry is known as the high-risk credit card processing industry, and there are certainly a lot of reputable providers within in it. As such, make sure to request quotes from at least three different service providers before finalizing your decision. You should also note that prices should never be the sole determining factor. Lucid Leverage Financial does, however, offer a wide range of credit card processing solutions at the lowest rates for the Gun sales industry that is completely based here in the U.S.A.

Beyond paying a bit more purely as their result of the inherent risk associated with your field, you might additionally find that certain service providers have specific limitations on the solutions that they provide. These limitations can limit the freedom and flexibility that you enjoy to structure your company as you want. For instance, you might have to pay separate fees for mobile or online solutions, in addition to the fees that you are paying for in-store.

To keep your costs low and to ensure that you’re getting the most optimal amount of technical support, it is generally a good idea to align yourself with a business that is based in the United States of America. Lucid Leverage Financial is based in Tempe, Arizona near ASU. We do not use offshore accounts for credit card processing. All of our merchant services and financial support is based in the United States of America. Lucid Leverage Financial is unique because all of our banking relationships are in the USA.

The next step in these efforts is to learn more about the different technical solutions that will be supplied. For instance, you should find out which devices will be used for online sales. Some companies include mobile or portable devices as part of their standard contracts. Others will require an additional fee for these essentials.

Carefully read through the standard contract for services before signing up. After selecting new merchant services for gun stores, you will likely need to pay a joining fee, plus a monthly fee and then ongoing fees for individual transactions. These should not be so high that they are significantly offsetting your profits or causing you to set prices at a range that simply isn’t competitive. Another important thing to note about these charges is that they should remain consistent throughout the lifetime of your agreement. You don’t want to get a low introductory rate only to have your charges skyrocket in the future. At Lucid Leverage Financial, we are proud to provide the best rates and technical service in the gun store merchant services industry.

Gun shop owners should even make sure that there are no significant, monetary penalties for cancellation of services ahead of a contract’s end. If you are unhappy with the level of services and support being supplied, you should have the ability to cancel this contract and move on to another provider without having to spend a veritable fortune in order to do so. Finally, make sure that the system you choose has a reasonable learning curve and that there are acceptable options in online or in-house training that you can use to bring your sales team up to speed once your new system has been installed.

All Financial Transactions Are Based In The United States of America.

We Get You Qualified Fast & Set Up The Technology For You.

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